How to create financial freedom using lead generation.

SERPS - Pension Review Specialists

How to create financial freedom using lead generation.

A bit of a different post this week, an educational post. So because I think we are all here to learn, I thought I would share a method of working towards financial freedom. I am quite sure it's a method that could work for you.

There is some background that's perhaps not important, but I thought I would share it to add a level realism and to ensure I included everything so you could copy the principal idea.

So this is a story about a project that began with a client like any other, a client won via People Per Hour.

It started with the winning of a web re-design job that required the moving of the client's site from the WIX CMS over to WordPress. (Interestingly the job was won for £600) Not a particularly compelling job, but a job and new client nonetheless.

WIX Logo

Getting Started

So after a short Skype call with the client we got to work on a build that would take probably only a few days. We chose a premium theme from one of the thousands on Themeforest and started the redesign using the original site as the base, providing the content, structure and the underlying target keywords.

Anyway, a couple of days later the client was happy, and paid. Plus I did a secondary deal for SEO and digital marketing on the side for £250/month. Sweet on it's own, and in itself a repeatable model that would allow financial freedom.

But that's just the start, and £250/month is just the crumbs from what I was about to find out was a much, much larger pie.

The niche the rebuilt site was in is UK Pension Review. Collecting leads for people that type in keywords such as, "pension review", "sell my pension" and "pension release".

But ultimately, people who want a pension review.

So over the next few days I find myself thinking about a conversation I'd had with the client. A conversation where they'd explained how the process worked and what then potential referral fees were. Pensions in the U.K. are a fairly heavily regulated finance niche and thus referrers (introducers) are paid quite well.

I also remembered that we happened to own a reasonably good domain name from way back in 2010, one I thought suited the niche. Although for the principals of this plan that doesn't matter because domain names are not difficult to come by, or expensive. But you know what?

It did make ME think.

Pension Release

The following day I called and spoke with the client and asked what he would pay for a lead.

The reply was 3%, off an average deal of £100,000k. (I've since also been offered a flat £300/lead from another company so there are multiple methods of packaging this up)

Anyway, after realising the potential in the niche, (and picking myself off the floor) I asked if we could build a similar site to his own, and in effect sell him the leads. And 14 days later I had a contract in hand stating the above.

In those same 14 days we'd built a new site mirroring the clients. We used a different premium theme that we already had, using freshly written content (that was written by me) for every landing page, and an easy to use lead capture form above the fold. The entire site was 100% related to the niche and keywords. We also added a latest news section with posts aggregated from well known sources going back more than a year, so the site looked aged, but still fresh.

The theme used was responsive so the site looks good on all devices, and we spent a good bit of time on SEO, ensuring the site was fast, was easy to use on mobile, made good use of all on-page tags and had no 404 errors. We setup the domain using ssl from the start knowing we would in-the-end get an organic ranking boost from doing so. We also used only a single target keyword for each landing page, added Google Analytics, event tracking and Webmaster Tools. I even personally went out and obtained a few links from forums and a blog to kick it off.

A Facebook page was also created, along with Twitter and LinkedIn.

SERPS - Pension Review Specialists

The site was opened to the Google Spider on 6th February and a sitemap was submitted with Webmaster Tools and within a week we had 37 indexed pages. Plus, the keywords in the account were simply perfect.

Sell my Pension
Unlock Pension
Pension Surrender

And so on.

I asked a friend with more knowledge of social media than we had to help with the initial advertising, the idea being to test the site's conversion ability and rate without spending any cash. What this friend did caused the Facebook page, and various posts to get shared into groups. These were niche relevant groups where the members were likely to be within the target age range, 45-54. And this started to produce traffic to the site almost immediately.

Amazingly, (because I'm usually sceptical of Facebook traffic) within a couple of days of the above the site made a conversion, and then another and then another. By the end of the week we had 3- now qualified leads with a referral value of £7800 from an outlay that was entirely made up of time.

64 visits and 3 conversions, we liked that. And all from Facebook traffic too.

And that is where the story is at right now, really it's now waiting for me to click the button on PPC.

This is how the numbers stack up.

  • Average cost per click is 86p.
  • Currently the site converts at 3%.
  • That's a cost per lead of £28.67.
  • Leads sell for £300 plus.

That's £271.13 per lead profit using the simple flat £300/lead model offered, before hosting and other costs. More on a percentage.

I though wow!

If you've read this far down, well done and thank you. We really hope the story helps you, empowers you and provides some value to help you succeed.

And if you take anything away from it, it's this.

1. It's free to join People Per Hour which is where this particular story started.

2. It's not massively hard to put together a WordPress site using a pre-built theme. (it's even easier to pay to have one built)

3. We had no mailing list.

4. We spent no money beyond a few phone calls and hosting.

Visit the website that is the subject of this post here, SERPS, Pension Review Specialists.

Let me know what you think.