Sex, Drugs and SEO.

Christmas Present of Sex Drugs and SEO

As you can see from the title, it's been an interesting week.

It's not every week you can title a blog post Sex, Drugs and SEO and get away with it, but this week... Where do I begin?

So it's always great to receive a gift, and even more so when it's not expected. And this week we received a package from a client who is looking after the interests of cannabis growers throughout the land, GroKing Seeds.

It came in a small black draw-string pouch, and it's quite heavy. You could say it's "exquisitely crafted" because it sounds sexy, and in gold anodized aluminium it certainly looks truly lovely.
It's fitted with a magnet on the inside which allows it to rotate very smoothly.

I will accept comments below if someone would like to explain as to what it's actually for.

And if you really want one, perhaps to give to a friend, enter their Facebook Christmas Giveaway competition.

So that's the drugs, but what about the sex, and what about the SEO.

Sex sells, well I'm told it does and search volumes for escorts in Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield also say it does.

How many people do you think typed "Leeds Escorts" into Google last week?

Any Ideas?

Well, it was 5008. I tell you, that a serious amount of sex.

Sex Drugs and SEO
Sex Drugs and SEO - Leeds Escorts
Sex Drugs and SEO Sheffield Escorts
Sex Drugs and SEO in Leeds and Sheffield

It's not just Leeds.

You might be forgiven for thinking that it's just people in Leeds, maybe their a bit more randy than the rest of us mere mortals. Nope.
How many do you think searched for "Sheffield Escorts"?

It was 3,179.

But does that make them more or less horny than people in Leeds?
I think for that we will need some population numbers.

According to Wikipedia, Leeds has a total population of 757,000 and Sheffield 1,57 million. Eeek.

That means you're 3 and half times more likely to search for an Escort in Leeds than in Sheffield.

Why is that?

The above make me wonder about Coventry Escorts?

Other highlights

We've also launched the following websites over the past week."

Awesome QA

A Quality Assurance services provider with a different take on software testing. Visit Awesome QA.


A new startup offering fast-food and grocery delivery via a suite of smartphone apps. Visit Klectr.

Tesla Rentals

Another new startup offering the ability to rent a Tesla. Visit Tesla Rentals.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to answer the questions in the comments!