Wouldn’t you like to know who’s visiting your website?

Who is visiting my website

I'm sure it's crossed your mind before. Who has visited my website?

For once I thought we'd try and get that little bit more from our website, and knowing there are several services available that claim to be able to inform you who, when and more about visitors to your website I thought we should give it a try. Finding out exactly who's been visiting could be a boon for sales leads.

A quick Google search uncovers a plethora of choices, but like more than 40% of us I clicked the link for the company in the 1st organic place, Who Is Visiting. (www.whoisvisiting.com)

With a free trial on offer and promised simple installation. I feel what do we have to lose?

Who is visiting my website

Installing the code

To the right you can see the Who Is Visiting control panel, set on the settings page.

Copy and Paste

All we had to do was copy the code on the page and paste it into the header section on our website. And because our site uses WordPress it was easy enough to complete using a mobile phone. Quite impressed.

Upon installation, and after refreshing the Who Is Visiting settings page, we could see that the code was installed correctly.


Code Installation
Who is Visiting - Our First Visitor

Who is Visiting - Visitor Detail

Who is Visiting - Linked In

On the left you can see 3 screenshots. The first is showing the first visitor the our site since the code was installed.

Amplicon Liveline Limted


Who is Visiting Details

A quick click through and you get to see the effort. Full company details, website, email addresses, postal address, phone number and a list of employees. If you click through to the employees you get direct links to their Linked accounts. Very swish.

First impressions. I like it. Let's see if we can male a sale.